Friday, March 19, 2010

Good-bye 42nd Street!

Well, the journey to 42nd Street is over. Thank you for following this blog and hopefully enjoying a chance to see the process of putting on a musical. If you were one that also had the opportunity to come see the show, thank you for attending! It would not have been as much fun without you there laughing and cheering us on. Though the show is over and life is supposed to go back to normal, that has not been my experience. Reason: I went ahead and auditioned for another play the day after our closing show and have jumped into rehearsals this week already! Due to my self induced crazy rehearsal filled life, I have not been able to post the kind of final 42nd Street blog I had in mind. You know, with pictures and maybe a final video. If you're an avid blog follower (all 2 or 3 of you out there), stay tuned for pictures. I'm hoping to post a satisfactory closing 42nd Street blog soon.

Side note:
My next adventure - Little Women. I'll be playing the role of Jo March at the Driftwood Theater in Aberdeen, WA this May. Maybe I'll just keep blogging here... about my journey back to 1863!

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